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Are you looking to grow your brand, engage with loyal fans and grow your business online?

Are you struggling with the following:

  •  Are you spending too much time on social media not seeing a return of investment,  not growing, and constantly beating the algorithm?
  • You want to monetise your brand but do not know where to start? 
  • Are you looking to improve your time management skills and develop small daily habits and actions to help you with minimal effort?
  •  Do you need to clarify your mission and your “why” to be able to truly understand what you want to achieve?

Hello from the team at Creative Impact 👋

A collective of individuals looking to use their creative talent to positively impact others and the planet. 

We’re helping creatives grow their businesses and share their story through their content. We help creatives grow their audience and monetise their content through marketing, strategy and building a brand online.

We are a friendly, educated and personal membership trusted by 100s creatives worldwide 🌟

Our creatives are small businesses or individuals looking to make a difference in the world through spreading a positive message of health, wellbeing, food, fitness, mindset lifestyle, etc and they have a story to share.  

Our members show a commitment to helping others - it’s not just about growth for the sake of numbers - we believe in collaboration over competition - always.

“Great to be able to think about how the information applies to us during the session. I love the breakout rooms so we could discuss our ideas.” 

- Rachel,  Healthy and Psyched Psychologist

“I really enjoyed the class! I learned a lot, specifically about promo around a launch. I enjoyed the interactive elements too and it was great to meet other people in the collective.” 

- Amy, Speaking and confidence coach

“This was the perfect introduction to FB ads - just what I needed and at the perfect time. You can see the effort and research that has been put into what Fab delivered from her presentation through to the assets she created and shared with attendees. I like that the session is interactive, Fab using various methods to interact and I walked away with an action plan.” 

- Elle Linton, Fitness Blogger and Professional

“Loved the practical steps and little quizzes to keep us engaged. Enjoyed the breakout sessions to talk about how we would apply what we learned.”

-  Rachel, photographer

Why Creative Impact

My name is Fab Giovanetti and I am a writer, author, award-winning marketing consultant, founder of the Creative Impact Group and professional wordsmith. 

I help people grow their online audience and monetise their content and unleash their potentials as creatives. Over the past 10 years, I have supported startups, individuals, and big wellness companies alike with their marketing, content and digital products.

Through Creative Impact, we have already supported over 5,000 course students, held an awards ceremony celebrating our members for 5 years, brought 1,000 people together through our UK events and I have published my debut book selling 1000s of copies.

I created Creative Impact to teach others how I’ve done it and how they can do it too 🥑

The leading membership for conscious creatives and entrepreneurs 

Our membership kicked off in 2014, as the first of its kind. 6 years later, we still bring like-minded people together, to help them learn how to grow their impact, scale their brands, build an online product, realise their dream and to find the support and advice needed from our resident experts.

It is a chance for our members to improve and learn new skills to help their life, job and passion. 

Our collective builds friendships, business relationships and to have fun. It is the opportunity to attend IRL events 📆

Community-led support ⚡️ 

Establish relationships with fellow creatives and entrepreneurs in your field, share the love about your own brand and products. 

Ask questions and get answers from our council of experts on what you’re learning or implementing in your brand so that you can create momentum and keep moving forward 

The most successful creatives have these things in common:

  • They refuse the hustle culture: we believe in the idea of what we should be working smarter, not harder. From years of working endless hours, weekends and evenings, we decided to re-write the rule book. We knew we could achieve success and reclaim our day off at the same time 🍾
  • They are committed to making a bigger impact: growing your audience is the first step to make a bigger impact – to us it all starts with our three-step success formula. Making a positive impact goes beyond your neighbour. It’s time we come together to support the planet we live in and love.
  • They believe in collaboration over competition: we believe there is enough space for everyone – so we truly believe that everyone should be celebrated. Accountability, support, and collaboration are what make us different from all other communities out there. First and foremost, we are a family 🙌
  • They work on their mindset daily: being in business and creating a business (may it be full time or side hustle) is 80% mindset, that’s why we strongly believe in facilitating discussions and conversations about mental health, personal development and happiness overall. Happiness is not a destination, but the joy of getting closer to our overall potential.

What members have to say...

“Absolutely love this community of humans. This community allows me to grow and connect with other like-minded souls. Such a blessing to have found Fab and her team 😀“ 

- Maddie, Blogger

"I love the Creative Impact Co's passion for wanting to help other businesses do well. Especially for my niche small business in health and wellness. So I enjoy having the mentorship available, especially in terms of marketing when I don't always have time to check out the competition."

 - Amy, Nutritionist

“Fab is quite simply FAB! I love that she’s always one step ahead, bringing us the best (and most relevant) wellness content, inspiring and empowering us whilst “keeping it real”. Creative Impact is a unique value-led wellness community and I’m so pleased to be a part of it.“ 

-  Sonal, Nutritionist

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